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    The We Love Paleo Recipe and Guide ebook–And all subsequent updates!

    Over 70 mouth-watering recipes + a lexicon of commonly used terms.

    79 pages.

  • We Love Paleo—The Film + Extended Interviews

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    With the Extended Interviews package, not only will you be able to watch the film, but ALSO over 5 hours of great storytelling and content which wasn't in the actual feature.

    Extended Interviews are yet another great opportunity for our audience to get more of the film... Sort of like the 'bon...

  • TRUE FAN Pack
    24 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    TRUE FAN Pack

    24 videos  |  Buy $27.99

    The TRUE FAN Pack includes hours of entertainment:
    → We Love Paleo—The documentary (93 mins.)
    → Extended Interviews—over 5 hrs of great, exclusive content!
    → A 2-wk Menu Plan from Irena Macri of eatdrinkpaleo.com.au
    →The Original Soundtrack—17 exquisite tracks—by Ian Arber

  • We Love Paleo – STARTER FAN PACK

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    The little package that could... With all it includes, this pack is a real steal!
    1- The theatrical version of the film with over 90 minutes of high-quality content and exciting stories!
    2- The We Love Paleo Recipe and Guide Ebook.–And subsequent updates. :)
    3- The film's two high resolution p...

  • We Love Paleo—The Documentary

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    The theatrical version of the film with over 90 minutes of high-quality content and exciting stories.


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    The same wholesome entertaining international feature documentary... as part of your DVD collection!
    For a limited time only, get the digital format of the Original Soundtrack with your DVD pre order.


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    With this license you get:
    — We Love Paleo, The Documentary and the right to screen it an unlimited number of times and indefinitely
    — The Original Soundtrack
    — The Meal Plan
    — A tax invoice to claim this expense through your corporate tax return.

    License Terms & Conditions:

  • We Love Paleo—The Original Soundtrack

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    The complete original soundtrack—17 exquisite tracks—by Ian Arber, which entails music uniquely created for We Love Paleo. From airy to quirky and very 'indie' in its feel, just delightful music really.

    To own the whole deal and grasp the entire WLP experience, purchase the TRUE FAN Pack.